When I started writing this blog earlier this year, I made a deliberate decision to post only investment articles of an international nature as opposed to South African (i.e. home-based) stories. And over the past five months I have slavishly abided by my self-imposed rule.

But no longer. The rule is about to be broken, albeit only momentarily. And here is the (very compelling) reason: Like most South Africans I am an ardent rugby supporter. For those unfamiliar with the sport, suffice to describe it as a more physical version of grid iron. (Ouch! No, you are not allowed to comment.) More importantly, our national team, the Springboks, is participating in the Rugby World Cup tournament in France at the moment, and stands, in my totally objective opinion, an excellent chance of capturing the crown. (Ignore the bookmakers offering 3:1 bets on us as second favorites.)

Just in case you’re wondering where my humble confidence comes from, have a look at the video clip below and see for yourself the mettle of a typical Springbok supporter. With this type of support, how can the team not be crowned as the world champions?

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